The best ways to store incense candles

أفضل طرق تخزين شموع البخور

Storing incense candles correctly is vital to maintaining their quality and effectiveness, as the character of incense is greatly affected by the method of storage. This article reflects the importance of following the best methods for storing incense candles, with the aim of preserving the unique composition and refined scent of Sidr Al Khaleej products .

Sidr Al Khaleej Company is considered one of the prominent companies in the field of perfume and incense manufacturing , as it is distinguished by its uniqueness and high quality in providing products that combine luxury and tradition. The company's products reflect a unique spirit and a unique experience for lovers of fine scents.


Understanding types of incense

Different classifications of incense types

Incense is characterized by a wide variety of types, with each type carrying its own unique and culturally important scent. At Sidr Al Khaleej , the company is committed to offering a variety of incense, including traditional and unique blends. The types can be classified as follows:

  • Resin incense
  • Derived from the aromas of natural resins such as frankincense and myrrh, it is also known for its deep, rich aroma and historical significance.

  • Herbal incense
  • Made with a blend of dry herbs, flowers and botanical extracts and offers a lighter and more diverse range of scents.

  • Powdered incense
  • Ground mixtures of herbs, spices, and resins, often chosen for ritual and ceremonial purposes.

  • Incense based on essential oils
  • It uses essential oils extracted from plants, and relies on the composition of essential oils to determine its scent.

    Effects of poor storage on incense components

    Storing incense properly is vital to maintaining its quality and effectiveness . Poor storage can have negative effects on incense components , such as:

    1. Damage to natural resins and herbs.
    2. Loss of balance in natural scents.
    3. Negative impact on the strength and effectiveness of incense.
    4. Loss of the cultural value of incense due to deterioration in quality.

    The best ways to store incense candles

    Choosing the right container:

    • The best types of containers : It is preferable to use impenetrable containers made of high-quality materials such as tinted glass or ceramic.
    • Choosing the appropriate size : Make sure to choose the size of the container that is appropriate for the amount of incense you own, taking into account providing sufficient space to avoid crowding and breakage.

    Storage in a dry and cool place

    • Effect of temperature and humidity : You should avoid storing candles in places exposed to high temperatures and humidity, as this can negatively affect the quality of the incense.
    • Tips for providing an optimal environment : It is preferable to store containers in cool, dry places, such as shaded cabinets or storage places inside cupboards.

    Keep the air fresh

    • Preventing exposure to outside air : Containers must be tightly closed to avoid entry of outside air, as continuous exposure to air can lead to damage to the natural components of incense.
    • Use airtight methods : Use airtight lids or other methods to maintain the purity of the air inside the container.

    Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

    • Effect of sunlight : Direct sunlight can lead to a change in the composition of incense and loss of natural aromas.

    How to place containers : It is preferable to place containers in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight, such as cabinets or shelves in the shade.

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    Frequently asked questions about storing incense

    How can I distinguish between good incense and bad incense?

    Good incense has a unique, strong and odor-free scent, while bad incense can exhibit an altered or contaminated scent.

    Can incense be frozen to improve its storage?

    No, freezing incense may lead to a change in its structure and undesirable effects on its aroma, so it is not recommended.

    How long does incense last and when should it be replaced?

    It depends on the type of incense and the way it is stored. Generally, it is best consumed within two to three years to maintain its quality.

    Does opening the package affect the quality of incense?

    Yes, opening the package allows the outside air to interact with the incense, which may negatively affect its quality and aromatic strength.

    How can I get rid of unwanted odors in incense?

    Natural scented materials such as lemon or cinnamon can be used to get rid of unwanted odors. It is preferable to store incense in cool, dry places away from unpleasant smelling materials.

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