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النوتات العطرية لفصل الخريف

Fragrance notes for autumn

In moments of changing weather and falling leaves, autumn brings with it shifts in spirit and mood. As this wonderful season approaches, it is time to discover aromatic notes that reflect the beaut...

ما هي أضرار العطور والبخور وكيف تتجنبها

What are the harmful effects of perfumes and incense and how do you avoid them?

The scents of perfumes and incense are linked to our cultural heritage, having been used throughout the ages as a way to enhance the spiritual and social aspects of life. The unique fragrance that ...

أفضل طرق تخزين شموع البخور

The best ways to store incense candles

Storing incense candles correctly is vital to maintaining their quality and effectiveness, as the character of incense is greatly affected by the method of storage. This article reflects the import...

كيفية الاحتفاظ برائحة البخور

How to retain the smell of incense

Prepare Incense An essential part of cultural heritage, as its roots extend to many cultures and religions. It's not just about promotion Smells beautiful  But also by providing an aromatic experie...

بخور المبسوس

Al-Mabsous Incense: an aromatic masterpiece that carries a history of sophistication and heritage

Al-Mabsous incense is considered an aromatic masterpiece that falls within the heritage of perfume and incense making , and is distinguished by its unique and wonderful composition. It is tradition...

خشب العود

Agarwood: the magic of luxurious scents and ancient history

Agarwood is a rare natural masterpiece. It has been used since ancient times in the manufacture of perfumes and incense . Oud wood is considered an integral part of the Arab and Eastern heritage, a...