Al-Ajwaa incense, pyramidal, 50 grams

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The " Awaa " product is an exceptional pyramid incense that gives you a unique aromatic experience.

Pyramid incense is characterized by a set of distinctive features:

The warm and mild fragrance exudes the perfect blend of woody and spicy notes, creating a calm yet refreshing atmosphere. This scent is perfect for improving the atmosphere and bringing calm and contemplation.

The exquisite aroma notes of “ Ajwaa ” include:

  • Spices : The spicy aroma gives the product exceptional complexity and appeal
  • Saffron : Saffron adds a touch of mystery and luxury to the fragrance.
  • Flowers : Flowers combine softness and sensuality to add a touch of femininity and romance.
  • Musk : Musk adds depth and warmth to the scent, making it more attractive.
  • Amber : Amber gives the “ambience” a strong, warm base that sets the scent distinctly.

In short, Pyramid Incense " Awabi " is an ideal choice for those who are eager to enhance the atmosphere with a warm and mild scent that combines wood, spices and flowers to provide a unique and distinctive aromatic experience.

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