Bouquet of generosity

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A bouquet consisting of a distinctive assortment of the most popular types of incense.

The package consists of 6 products .

note: When ordering the package, each product comes separately

Products included in the package:

1- Oud incense - 40 grams

For your happy occasions and special atmosphere Enjoy an unforgettable experience with Oud incense. With soft rose scents, fruits and woods coated with fragrant musk drops that fill the place with an elegant and distinctive Arabic scent.

Add a touch of luxury and sophistication to every occasion with Oud incense. Enjoy the atmosphere of your home filled with calm and relaxation, thanks to its unique and authentic scent that reflects your good taste.

2- Karam incense - 40 grams

Incense with an oriental identity and a composition that blends the delicacy of flower and the warm scent of musk, finally meeting with a whiff of sandalwood that gives this incense warmth and lasts for a longer time..

3- Falak incense 40- germ

From the scent of authentic Arabic oud and warm woody touches, you get an elegant oriental scent wrapped in soft vanilla scents that infuse your souls with some pleasure and comfort at the same time.

4- Darb Al Bakhoor incense - 40 grams

Enjoy an enchanting journey along the incense trail, which transports you to a world of oriental elegance and authenticity. Fill your homes with an immersive scent that reflects Arab culture and heritage. Experience the luxury of the Arabian oriental fragrance at every moment and enjoy the enchanting experience of the incense trail.

5- Lamsa Incense - 40 grams

A warm, aromatic woody scent rich in saffron and soft roses with warm touches of sandal and patchouli, which fills your home with full force and gives you an attractive scent that captures the hearts of all those present. Then comes drops of musk and amber to linger in the place until the end of the day.

6-  Luxury oud charcoal 80 tablets

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