Incense of honorable pyramids 50 grams

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“Al Karam” incense is a pyramidal incense that is distinguished by its unique design and wonderful oriental identity. This product is an option
Ideal for those looking for an aromatic experience that takes them on an enchanting journey to the East.

Features of honorable pyramid incense:

Oriental identity: “Al Karam” comes with a design that includes unique oriental details, giving it an elegant and luxurious look.
Long burning : This product is characterized by long burning, ensuring that you can enjoy its fragrance for a long time.

Aromatic notes of noble pyramid incense:

Top notes : It is characterized by saffron, which adds a touch of mystery and depth to the aromatic experience.
Middle notes : combines the allure of warm sandalwood with soft floral notes that add a touch of tenderness and femininity.
BASE NOTES : Featuring seductive musk and warm amber, giving “Gram” a mysterious character and exceptional appeal.
In short, “ Al Karam Pyramid Incense ” is a luxurious product that combines oriental identity with luxurious scents to provide you with an unforgettable aromatic experience that takes you on a magical journey through the distant East.

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