Lulua luxury perfume 125 ml

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The Pearl ” is a wonderful body perfume that suits both genders and offers a unique aromatic experience. This distinctive product is proudly available in our “Sidr Al Khaleej” store.

" The Pearl " is a body spray suitable for both sexes, designed with the utmost care to give you an amazing aromatic experience.

The aromatic ingredients of the pearl body mist

Perfume opening

The fragrance opens with refreshing and fruity notes of pineapple, mandarin and black currant.

Middle fragrance

In the heart of the fragrance, notes of orange blossom, jasmine flower, and gardenia flower shine, adding a touch of beauty and femininity.

Base perfume

The scent settles into the base with a warm, inviting blend of amber, musk, and patchouli.

Pearl body mist

The Pearl ” is a product that embodies beauty and elegance. It exudes charm and elegance and gives you a sense of confidence and radiance. It can be used daily to add a refreshing and distinctive aroma to your look.

Enjoy the allure of the “Pearl” and feel beautiful and elegant with every spray of this wonderful perfume, and discover this aromatic creation with pride in our “Sidr Al Khaleej” store.