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" Oud " is the embodiment of luxury and authenticity. It is a distinct scented oud available exclusively in our " Sidr Al Khaleej " store. This product embodies the spirit of luxury and beauty in one fragrance.
The finest types of oud have been carefully selected to provide a unique and amazing scent. " Oud " is characterized by a deep and distinctive scent, blending the warmth of wood with overwhelming aromatic notes.

The product packaging comes with an elegant design that reflects the splendor of its content. It is a great gift for your loved ones or for personal use to add appeal and elegance to anywhere you place it.

Enjoy the luxurious allure of oud with the “ Oud ” product, and immerse yourself in the world of authentic perfumes through this wonderful product that we are proud to offer in our “ Sidr Al Khaleej ” store.

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