Ezz Bouquet

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A package consisting of a distinctive assortment of the most sought-after types of scented oud.

The package consists of 3 products .

note: When ordering the package, each product comes separately

Products included in the package:

1- Oud perfumed oud - 50 grams

To add joy and beauty to your happy occasions, enjoy oud incense, luxurious pieces of oud that contain the finest notes. The top notes exude a floral and fruity fragrance that expresses femininity and sophistication. At the heart of the fragrance, the scents of sandalwood and rose intersect to give you a luxurious and unique experience. After the oud cools, the luxurious musk fragrance emerges.

Use Oud incense to be a constant partner for your luxury and confidence on every occasion. For a home filled with the authentic scent of oud that reflects your fine taste and adds elegance and distinction. Enjoy a touch of luxurious luxury and endless confidence in every moment.

2-  Darb Al Bakhoor Freshener Oud - 50 grams

Enjoy experiencing the scent of luxurious oriental incense with Darb Incense! This perfumed oud brings you tempting fruity notes and distinctive spices in the top notes. In the heart of the fragrance, pure flowers bloom with sandalwood, adding more elegance and warmth. The base also features a delicate musk scent and fragrant melon scent.

Use the incense trail to add a touch of luxury and authenticity to the atmosphere of your home.

3-  Oud Lamsa Freshener - 50 grams

We invite you to discover a touch of beauty and originality with Pyramid Incense: Lamsa. Saffron and velvet top notes create a mysterious and seductive scent. At the heart of the fragrance, sandalwood, patchouli and rose harmonize to form a unique symphony of scents. At the base, the scent of musk and amber shines to enhance its enchanting effect.

A unique and exceptional experience with Lamsa Al-Harami incense. Choose the incense that understands you and fulfills your needs, and make it a constant companion on your happy days.

4-  Luxury oud charcoal 80 tablets

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