Amiral incense - 40 grams

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Amiral Incense is a luxury product for lovers of oriental perfumes and scents . This incense is a great choice to enhance the atmosphere of your home with an enchanting scent.

Features of Amiral incense

The refreshing incense that fills the room with a luxurious oriental scent enhances the elegance of your home, making it ideal for use in special moments or to receive guests in style.

  • The concentrated scent lasts for long periods, allowing you to enjoy its aromatic effect for a long time without having to constantly reapply it.
  • It emits a fragrant fragrance that refreshes your mood, creating a positive atmosphere at home and contributing to lifting your mood and improving your sense of relaxation and calm.
  • It eliminates unwanted odors and naturally fragrances your home, making it an ideal choice to easily make your home smell fresh.
  • In short, Amiral Incense is a luxurious product that combines various and distinctive scents, which adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your home and contributes to giving a calm and distinctive atmosphere to your surroundings.

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Product Type: incense
the use Perfuming and fumigating the atmosphere and open spaces
the size: 40 grams
Release Date: 2024
Product Type

the components

Perfume opening

Middle fragrance

Base perfume