Ighra incense 40 gm

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The “ Ighara ” product from the high-quality brand “ Sidr Al-Khaleej ” is considered one of the finest incense products available on the market.
This product weighs 50 grams and contains 11-12 pieces of luxurious incense with a fragrant jasmine scent.

We proudly present to you this luxurious incense , which combines the beauty of oud and the allure of jasmine. It is an exceptional scent experience that takes you on a journey into the world of elegance and luxury.
The scent of jasmine gives the place a delicate and charming aroma, while the incense oud gives the place a deep and warm flavour.

" Ighara " incense is an ideal product to enhance the atmosphere of your home and add a touch of luxury to your space.
This enchanting scent will be ideal for relaxing and meditating times. It can also be used on special occasions to add a touch of elegance and appeal.

Try the wonderful “ Ighara ” product and enjoy a unique experience in the world of luxurious incense.

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