Ighraa pyramid incense 50 grams

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Ighara ” is a luxurious pyramidal incense that embodies elegance and beauty. It removes unwanted odors and perfumes your home with wonderful incense scents. Here is a detailed description of this product:

  • Eliminating odors and perfuming the home: “ Ighraa ” is an ideal product for purifying and perfuming your home. Effectively removes unwanted odors and replaces them with luxurious incense scents that add a calm and refreshing atmosphere to your home.

The ingredients of this luxurious incense include:

  • White Flowers and Foliage: White flowers and foliage add a touch of softness and elegance to the scent.

  • Jasmine: enhances the depth and warmth of the scent and gives it a special appeal.

  • Fruits: The refreshing scents of fruits add a touch of vitality and radiance.

  • Incense, amber and woody: These notes blend to create a warm and inviting incense scent.

  • Balsamic vinegar: It contributes to stabilizing the scent and giving it a permanent and sustainable base.

In short, “ Ighraa ” is a luxurious pyramid incense that enhances the beauty of your home and gives it calm and attractiveness. It represents a unique aromatic experience that gives you a feeling of luxury and freshness in your home.

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