Mabsous Ighraa 70 grams

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The Summit of Eastern Luxury - Mabsous Temptation

Enjoy moments of luxury and temptation with the earth of oud scented with the most delicious oriental perfumes and scents. This collection is distinguished by its luxurious components that add a touch of oriental charm to your life.
Indulge in the enchanting scent of white flower and jasmine, and enjoy the scent of fresh fruits and luxurious incense. It is a unique experience that takes you on an enchanting aromatic journey.

Luxurious oud dust - Mabthoth Temptation

The ingredients of this oud earth embody luxury and elegance. Indulge in the trail of warm woods, luxurious jasmine and enchanting amber. These woody and amber scents combine to give you a feeling of happiness and relaxation.
Oud scented earth is the perfect gift for your loved ones or a wonderful way to beautify your home with a luxurious oriental touch.

Long-lasting luxury

The formula of this product is characterized by its durability and strong, long-lasting scent. You will enjoy the seductive scent all day long, making you feel confident and attractive every moment.
Make Temptation a part of your daily routine and enjoy an exceptional experience that stays with you all the time.

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Product Type Bakhoor incense
the components
Citrus, fruits, lily of the valley, musk, sugar and vanilla
the size 70 grams
2-7 working days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries

5-14 business days in the rest of the world
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Product Type

the components

Perfume opening

Middle fragrance

Base perfume