Luxurious fragrance perfume Qarait Oud 125 ml

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We present to you the Qareet Oud perfume, a fragrance that embodies the essence of elegance, authenticity and modernity. This distinctive oriental fragrance brings you the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary aromatic notes, making it ideal for all occasions.

With the first spray, the top notes of bergamot, incense, and lavender emit a captivating scent and a warm and attractive feeling. Only a matter of moments does the heart of the oud begin to add a touch of strangeness and mystery, transporting you to another world with just one whiff.

As the fragrance settles on your skin, base notes of amber and guaiac wood interact to create a delicate, sensual scent; strong spread; It lasts throughout the day, leaving a trace of sophistication and luxury wherever you go.

Try “Gareet Oud” and let its elegant and authentic scent become part of your distinctive style.

Product Type

Body mist

Fragrance family
  • Aroma
the components

Perfume opening

Bergamot, incense, lavender

Middle fragrance

Caramel, cloves, jasmine