Khadr and Kadi essential oil 100 grams

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Khader Wa Kadi ” is a luxurious fragrance oil that offers a distinctive and refreshing aromatic experience. It can be used as a perfume oil on the skin to create an attractive and unique scent, and it can also be diluted for other uses.

Khader wa Kadi ” can be used as an oil perfume on the skin for a refreshing and attractive aromatic experience. It can also be diluted for use in scenting clothing or interior spaces.

Aromatic notes:

Top Notes : The scent begins with refreshing notes of basil, bergamot, and geranium that give the fragrance a fresh and lively impression.

Middle notes : Here, ingredients such as cloves, cumin, and sage oil combine to give the fragrance depth and warmth.

Base notes : Heliotrope, kora, and sandalwood form the ideal base for the perfume, giving it longevity and appeal.

Khadr Wa Kadi ” is an essential oil that combines notes of grass, citrus, spices and wood to create a refreshing and unique aromatic experience. It is a fragrance that reflects vitality and warmth and can be a great addition to your daily routine or for any occasion where you want to highlight your attractiveness.

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