Lammsah Mabsos 70 Gm

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Nessma ” product is one of the finest types of chewed incense. This product combines the luxurious earth of oud with the finest perfumes and oriental scents to produce a unique and enchanting aromatic experience.

This package comes in a capacity of 70 grams, making it suitable for personal use or as a special gift. The “Nasma” formula features exceptional ingredients that captivate the senses and take you on a unique aromatic journey:

Saffron : This product gives notes of precious saffron that add a touch of luxury and elegance.

Tagit : “Nasma” formula gives you a refreshing and lively herbal touch.

Sandalwood : Warm and enveloping sandalwood adds subtlety for added depth and warmth.

Rose : The beautiful floral scent of rose adds a feminine and romantic touch.

Patchouli : This product gives a deep and immersive touch of distinctive patchouli.

Musk scent : The charming touch of musk lasts for a long time, which enhances its luxurious character.

Base of Amber : This scent concludes with a warm, infused base of amber, making it an unforgettable aromatic experience.

Enjoy the charm of the East and oriental elegance with the “Nasma” product.

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