Lareen luxury perfume 125 ml

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Do not miss the opportunity to try Lareen perfume, a fragrance that reflects the eternal spirit of beauty and elegance. With its charming blend of top notes of bergamot, orange, pear, and spices, its combination will amaze you from the first moment.
With a sparkling middle fragrance consisting of orange flowers, iris, rose, and lavender, you will feel irresistibly feminine and attractive.
The base notes of vanilla, amber, vetiver, and musk add a touch of warmth and luxurious elegance to your beautiful look.

Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or want to add a touch of sophistication to your daily tasks, Lareen perfume is your ideal choice. Enjoy a special journey with this luxurious fragrance that reflects your elegant style and highlights your unique appeal.

Discover the magic of Lareen and let its wonderful scents express your unique personality!

Product Type

Body mist

Fragrance family
  • Aroma
the components

Perfume opening

Bergamot, orange, pear, spices

Middle fragrance

Orange blossom, iris, rose, lavender