Natural Oud Mohsen Malino

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" Malino " oud is a natural, refined oud that comes from its source in the forests of Kalimantan in Indonesia .

Oud Malino is characterized by a set of wonderful features that make it the focus of attention of perfume lovers and oud lovers:

Attractive scent : “ Malino ” is characterized by an attractive and fragrant scent that takes you on a distinctive aromatic journey through forest birds and ancient agarwood trees.

High in fat : This product has a high amount of fat, which enhances its strength and longevity on embers.

Incense density : It is characterized by the density of the incense it produces when burned, which makes it suitable for large occasions and luxurious gatherings.

Distinctive and fragrant scent : The scent of “Malino” is characterized by complexity and depth, as it blends woody notes with tropical forest aromas.

Longevity on embers : This product stays lit for a long time on embers, allowing you to enjoy its fragrance for a long time.

Oud Malino is an ideal product for use on special occasions such as weddings, large gatherings and mosques, and it is also a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Thanks to its additional features such as stability, incense density, and distinctive scent, you will find yourself with a product that achieves the highest levels of quality and elegance in the world of oud.

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