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Moonlight Perfume - 75 ml

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Moon Light perfume for women

Our wonderful product, Moonlight perfume, is a masterpiece that combines creativity, luxury and an unforgettable aromatic experience . It embodies modern elegance, specially designed for that self-confident woman who seeks to dazzle the world with her distinctive elegance.
Its scent opens with fruity notes that make you fall in love with your first breath of the perfume. You notice a delicious scent of almonds mixed with a light touch of spices, which adds to the perfume a mysterious and alluring character.
When its scent settles on your skin, the heart of the fragrance emerges with a charming bouquet of roses, tuberose, and iris, adding a delicate and feminine character that captures hearts and creates irresistible attraction.
As for the base of the perfume, it takes you on a journey through time with its amber and woody components mixed with a touch of musk, so you can enjoy the consistency of the scent of this charming fragrance throughout the day.
The Eau de Parfum formula makes Moonlight perfume last for a long time on the skin with an attractive silhouette, making it an ideal choice for the modern woman looking for sophistication and distinction.
Moonlight perfume comes in a 75ml bottle, making it ideal for everyday use and special occasions. This fragrance is designed for women who love innovation and seek to enjoy their moments in a sparkling and charming way.
Enjoy a unique aromatic experience and attract attention with your elegance and beauty using Moonlight perfume, and discover the unique attraction that this charming composition of oriental flowers will give you.

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Product Type: Perfume
Gender: female
Personality of your perfume: Modern
Fragrance family: Oriental flowers
Concentration ratio: Eau de perfume
the size: 75 ml
Release Date: 2017

Aromatic notes

Perfume opening: Fruity, almond, spices
Middle fragrance: Rose, tuberose, iris
Base perfume: Amber, woody, musk