Luxury musk bouquet

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A bundle of products Luxurious musk .

The package consists of 3 products .

note: When ordering the package, each product comes separately

Products included in the package:

1- Luxury musk perfume - 100 ml

From the charming and attractive fragrance of the East, the distinctive women's perfume was formulated with a special combination of delicious fruits with rose and hyacinth notes, so that you can enjoy a refreshing and fragrant scent that satisfies your strong desire for absolute attractiveness and lasts with you until the last hours of the day.

2- Luxury musk perfume oil, 100 grams

A planet of sophistication and luxury, this alcohol-free fragrance oil exudes purity and sensuality with every drop.

3- Luxurious musk perfume, 125 ml

A luxurious musk body perfume that reflects the beauty and femininity of the modern woman. Enjoy its wonderful and elegant scent, and let it accompany you on every occasion and moment. Indulge in a unique and sophisticated feminine experience with this wonderful perfume.