Luxurious Musk Luxurious Freshener 125 ml

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" Musk Fakhr " is an exceptional women's body perfume that combines a wonderful aromatic composition with superior elegance. This distinctive product is proudly available in our “Sidr Al Khaleej” store.

" Musk Fakher " is a women's body perfume that was designed with the utmost care to give you a distinctive aromatic experience.

Perfume opening : The perfume opens with refreshing fruity notes that combine wonderful roses and rubies.

Middle Notes : At the heart of the fragrance, warm notes of amber stand out while touches of lilac and straw add a touch of elegance.

Base Notes : The scent settles at the base with a wonderful blend of amber and musk to give you a long-lasting, warm and inviting scent.

" Fakher Musk " is a product that gives a woman unparalleled charm and attraction. It reflects femininity and elegance and gives you a sense of confidence and attractiveness. It can be used daily to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your look.

Enjoy the allure of “ Fakher Musk ” and feel radiant with its wonderful scents, and discover this aromatic creation with pride in our “ Sidr Al Khaleej ” store.

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Product Type: body Parfum
Gender: female
Personality of your perfume: Attractive
Fragrance family: Musk
the size: 125 ml

Aromatic notes

Perfume opening: Fruity, rose, hyacinth
Middle fragrance: Amber, lilac, straw
Base perfume: Amber, musk
Product Type

معطر للجسم

Fragrance family
  • مسك
the components

Perfume opening

فاكهي, ورد, ياقوتية

Middle fragrance

عنبر, ليلك, قش