Deluxe Musk Perfume Oil 100 grams

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Fakher Musk is a luxurious oil perfume that blends attractiveness and elegance, making it suitable for both genders. It will add a touch of vitality to your day. This perfume belongs to the family of aromatic perfumes and comes in a size of 100 grams and with a strong concentration of up to 100%.

With sweet top notes of fruit, rose flower and hyacinth, you will be immersed in an exciting aromatic experience from the first moment. Over time, the notes will transform into a warm heart containing amber, stunning lilac and the scent of hay flower. Finally, the base notes sparkle with scents of amber and musk, creating a lasting and luscious effect.

Make Fakher Musk a part of your daily routine. This fragrance will give you the opportunity to shine with confidence and attract attention wherever you go. You will enjoy a wonderful sense of freshness and attraction with this luxurious essential oil

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product name Luxurious musk
Product Type Essential oil
Sex Men and women
Fragrance character Vitality
Fragrance family Aroma
the size 100 gm
Concentration ratio 100%
Aromatic notes
High notes Fruit, rose, hyacinth
Middle notes Amber, purple, hay
Basal notes Amber, musk