Southern breeze perfume - 100 ml

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The luxurious unisex fragrance - South Breeze perfume

Get ready for an exceptional aromatic experience that captivates your senses and takes you on an enchanting journey into the depths of stunning nature with Naseem Al Janoub perfume. This fragrance embodies elegance and beauty with an elaborate aromatic blend that touches all aspects of your personality.

Packaged in a luxurious bottle that reflects the elegance of the product and the quality of its design, “Naseem Al Janoub” opens your heart to the world of fine fragrances. Start your experience with a refreshing start that sparkles with notes of pepper and spices, taking you to a refreshing atmosphere that increases your energy and vitality.

The middle of the fragrance holds the hidden secret with woody notes of sandalwood, rice leaf, and red berries, together they give you unforgettable floral moments. Warm woods combine with lotus flowers and jasmine to create a distinctive combination that reflects your charm and appeal.

As for the base of the perfume, it contains precious ingredients of musk and amber, which add a long-lasting, enchanting touch to your skin and surround you with amazing elegance.

Naseem Al Janoub perfume is the embodiment of luxury and brilliance , giving you the confidence to highlight your natural appeal and leave an unforgettable impression on everyone you meet. Attract attention and dazzle everyone with your elegant style and charming personality with this charming fragrance.

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Product Type: Perfume
Gender: Women/Men
Smell summary: Phil and Cady
Concentration ratio: Eau de perfume
the size: 100 ml

Aromatic notes

Perfume opening: Refreshing, spicy
Middle fragrance: Sandalwood, pink
Base perfume: Musk, amber