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Maamoul South Breeze pyramidal

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Maamoul Naseem Al Janoub Harami is an aromatic masterpiece that takes you on an enchanting journey across the south of the earth, where authenticity and modernity meet in a unique combination. This fragrance weighs 50 grams and offers an amazing blend of luxurious notes.

South Breeze Maamoul opens with refreshing notes emanating from the spirit of nature, as the aroma comes filled with refreshing breezes as if you are inhaling the air of the mountains and valleys. Followed by touches of warm spices, enhancing the feeling of warmth and balance in the fragrance .

The aromatic journey takes you to the heart of the forests with deep notes of sandalwood, streaming like sunlight through tree leaves. This note is mixed with pink petals that add a touch of femininity and charm to the scent.

The musky and amber base blends harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients, sealing the fragrance with a strong and sparkling imprint. This wonderful aroma spreads around you, filled with southern charm and splendor.

Harami Maamoul South Breeze is more than just incense, it is a journey that takes you through the diverse worlds to experience the colors and scents of the south, and reflects the spirit of creativity and uniqueness embodied by the Harami brand.

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