Pomegranate Musk Perfume Oil 100 grams

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Pomegranate Musk ” is a distinctive fragrance oil designed to give you an incomparable aromatic experience. You can use it as a perfume oil on your skin, as it leaves that distinctive touch that highlights your natural beauty. It can also be easily diluted to be used for various other uses as you like.
Pomegranate musk can be used as an oil perfume by spreading it on the skin. It can also be diluted with water or oil for other uses, such as massage or bathing.

Its distinctive formula comes carefully packed inside special containers of pure aluminum, which preserves the quality of its unique aromatic composition.
The scent of " Pomegranate Musk " begins with a fruity and green introduction that captivates your senses, followed by refreshing touches of strawberry that add a touch of vitality.

In the heart of the fragrance, floral tones full of the beauty of roses bloom, taking you on an enchanting journey into a world of floral beauty. Finally, the distinctive base of the fragrance comes with a blend of soft musk, with sweet and woody notes that add depth and long-lasting warmth.

" Pomegranate Musk " is the embodiment of elegance and luxury. It gives you an aromatic touch that lasts with you throughout the day. Make it part of your daily routine and enjoy a unique aromatic experience that reflects your beauty and elegance.

To use for massage, mix an appropriate amount of oil with a carrier oil such as olive or almond oil.
To use for bathing, add one or two drops of oil to warm water.

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Product Type: Essential oil
Concentration ratio: 100% concentrated
the size: 100 grams
the use: It is used as an oil perfume by spreading it on the skin, and it can also be diluted for other uses.
Encapsulation: It is packaged in special containers of pure aluminum that preserve its aromatic composition.
Warning instructions: For external use only, store in a cool place away from heat or sunlight.
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Aromatic notes

Perfume opening: Fruits, green, strawberry
Middle fragrance: Pink, rose
Base perfume: Musk, sweet, woody
Product Type

the components

Perfume opening

Middle fragrance

Base perfume