Mabsous Shalfa 70 grams

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We present to you " Shalfa ", a wonderful incense mixture that combines the distinctive earth of oud scented with the finest perfumes and luxurious oriental scents.

" Shalfa " is a delicately prepared incense mixture that has been prepared with the utmost care, combining the luxurious earth of oud with the wonderful scents of flowers and oriental spices.

Key Notes: This enchanting blend features deep, woody notes of oud , with warm touches of saffron and the allure of luxurious cady notes.

Shalfa ” offers a wonderful experience when it is burned, as its enchanting aromas slowly emerge. The combination of oud with saffron and kadhi creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while the floral notes of jasmine add a distinctive oriental touch, taking you to the heart of the East.

Introduce “ Shalfa ” to elevate the atmosphere of your home and add a charming and distinctive scent. Discover this glamorous product exclusively in our “ Sidr Al Khaleej ” store.

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