Strawberry deluxe freshener 125 ml

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Strawberry Body Mist - a romantic women's fragrance

Shine with unparalleled charm and attraction with “ Strawberry ”, a romantic body perfume for women that captivates hearts and adds a charming touch to every moment in your life.

Thanks to its unique romantic character, you will feel attractive and feminine every time you spray this wonderful fragrance. It sparkles with a floral fragrance family that gives you a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The opening of the fragrance comes with a refreshing fruity note that captivates your senses and adds brightness to your day. The middle of the fragrance is filled with the beauty of vanilla flower and warm vanilla, giving you a feeling of romance and femininity.

As for the base of the perfume, you will find a perfect balance between delicate vanilla, mysterious musk, and luxurious amber notes. This charming combination adds a unique character and incomparable appeal to the perfume.

"Strawberry" is not just a body perfume , it is your romantic companion that will make every moment you experience special and special. Make your day full of attraction and romance with this charming fragrance.

Get “ Strawberry ” today and give yourself that special touch. Don't miss this unique opportunity! Order it now and immerse yourself in the world of beauty and romance.

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Product Type: body Parfum
Gender: female
Personality of your perfume: romantic
Fragrance family: Flowers
the size: 125 ml

Aromatic notes

Perfume opening: fruity
Middle fragrance: Vanilla flower, vanilla
Base perfume: Vanilla, musk, amber
Product Type

معطر للجسم

Fragrance family
  • الأزهار
the components

Perfume opening

برغموت, ماندارين

Middle fragrance

فراولة, زهري