Super Sultan Perfume Oil 100gm

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Enjoy a unique aromatic experience with our luxurious product “ Super Sultan ”. This essential oil comes in a concentration of 100%, which enhances the strength and consistency of the scent. With a size of 100 grams, “Super Sultan” is an ideal choice for lovers of fine fragrances.

The " Super Sultan " scent comes in a unique style that blends attractiveness and beauty. It can be used as an oil perfume on your skin to leave a scent that exudes elegance and distinction. It can also be easily diluted to be used for various other uses as you wish.

Super Sultan ” comes carefully packed inside special containers made of pure aluminum. This ensures the preservation of its distinctive aromatic composition and protects it from damage.

When you open the package, floral scents mixed with light spices will sparkle to give you a unique experience that blends elegance with warmth.

At the heart of this fragrance, mysterious oriental tones appear that take you on a journey through worlds of attractive scents.

The base of the fragrance rests on warm, deep sandalwood, giving the fragrance a long-lasting hold on your skin.

" Super Sultan " is your choice for excellence and aromatic beauty. Make it a companion that gives you exceptional elegance for every occasion.

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Product Type: Essential oil
Concentration ratio: 100% concentrated
the size: 100 grams
the use: It is used as an oil perfume by spreading it on the skin, and it can also be diluted for other uses.
Encapsulation: It is packaged in special containers of pure aluminum that preserve its aromatic composition.
Warning instructions: For external use only, store in a cool place away from heat or sunlight.

Aromatic notes

Perfume opening: Citrus
Middle fragrance: Floral, woody
Base perfume: Amber, musk, sweet