Zohoor Alreef Incense 40 gm

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Zohour Alreef ” is a product Incense comes in a 40g size, and is a unique blend of fragrances that blends natural elements and flowers to produce an enchanting aromatic experience.

Aromatic notes of Zahoor Al-Reef incense

  • Top Notes : You will notice notes of citrus gently creeping into your senses, giving the fragrance a refreshing and lively character.
  • The middle notes are a stunning blend of rose and fruity notes, where floral aromas combine with soft fruits to give the fragrance a feminine and attractive touch.
  • Base Notes : The aromatic journey moves deeper, as "Zohour Al-Reef" features a warm scent of amber and a variation of sandalwood. To add a touch of charm and brilliance, the fragrance is finished with a musk finish.

Zohour Al Reef ” is a luxurious product that reflects the splendor of the countryside and the beauty of nature. This scent takes you on a journey Aromatic Amazing from fresh citrus to the romance of rose and fruit, then concluding with a warm and seductive depth that lingers on the skin.

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