Southern mixture 35 ml

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Mukhalat Janubiyah - a luxurious aromatic experience that gives you elegance and attractiveness

Mukhallat Janubiyah from Sidr Al Khaleej Store is a unique and distinctive Mukhallat oil perfume that blends attractiveness and elegance.
Thanks to its high concentration of 100%, you will enjoy a consistent, long-lasting scent on the skin.
This distinctive fragrance is suitable for both genders, making it an ideal choice for good taste and attractive elegance.

South Mukhallat features

  • Mukhallat Janoubia ” perfume constitutes a distinct masterpiece in the world of perfumes, as it stands out with the elegance of its unique and distinctive scent, without it being heavy or exhausting as happens in many other perfumes.
  • It offers a calm and elegant fragrance experience that lasts for a long time, making it an ideal choice for those who seek to use a fragrance that distinguishes them and is in harmony with their personality.
  • Its unique combination adds a special touch to your identity and increases your elegance and attractiveness.

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Product Type:

Mixed perfume oil
Gender: Women/Men
Concentration ratio: 100% concentrated perfume oil
the size: 35 ml

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5-14 business days in the rest of the world

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