Oud incense - 40 grams

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Oud - incense mixed with luxurious perfumes for a beautiful scent

Oud is an incense that combines the fragrance of oud with the beauty of luxury perfumes to provide you with a distinctive aromatic experience. Its aromatic ingredients were carefully selected to give a touch of elegance and beauty to this wonderful incense.

Aromatic components of oud incense

Perfume opening : It starts with a luxurious floral scent that gives the incense a touch of vitality and beauty, with a heart of aromatic fruits that embody a refreshing and fun character.

Middle fragrance : This part of the fragrance is dominated by luxurious sandalwood, which adds depth and appeal to the scent.

Base perfume: It is characterized by the smell of algae, which gives the incense a touch of originality and masculinity, with the presence of musk, which increases its attractiveness and stability.

Oud comes with a beautiful, attractive, long-lasting scent, which makes it an ideal choice for relaxing times and enjoying moments of calm. Make oud part of your aromatic experience and enjoy its unique appeal.

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